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The online community every ambitious individual deserves to be a part of.

the community.

Members of Womenhood  are  ambitious people who exercise self-confidence and raise their each other up - never pushing them down.


In Womenhood there's no one who is too right or too wrong, no dream too big, or aim too high. Our mission is to encourage you to be successful and equip you with tools to create a life that is meant for you.

In this group can you connect with members all around the world and help each other through the highs and the lows. It's a place for ambitious individuals to connect and grow, where you learn to own your power in order to create a successful and beautiful life and find strength in yourself and others.

the woman behind.



Josefine Nordin

Through Womenhood I share knowledge and inspiration on personal growth and lifestyle design, that helps you becoming your best self and creating your dream life.

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